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Friday October 20, 2023


Writing a Holiday Series

Author Panel

Participating authors will be original Dickens leaders and authors Peggy Jaeger and Kathryn Hills, with a few Dickens authors making special appearances!

The authors of the bestselling series A DICKENS HOLIDAY ROMANCE talk about the challenges and delights of writing an interconnected holiday series with multiple authors. 

Topics include:

The story bible –what is it?

Keeping the storyline consistent

Tropes – which ones work best

Heat levels – everything from sweet to steamy and in between

Covers and release schedules

Legacy characters and locations that pop up between the books and authors

Unwritten Rules of Romance Scene

Author Spotlight

Participating Author: Jenna Jaxon

I have been writing romance for almost 15 years and reading it for decades longer and I’ve discovered a bunch of unwritten rules that authors in the romance genre (and sub-genres) all seem to abide by. What makes romance the most popular of genre fiction? Why are romance readers so fiercely dedicated to that genre? Is it because romance writers (for the most part) abide by these unwritten rules? Come on by my workshop where I will “write down” these unwritten rules and maybe we’ll discover a few more together.






How Real Do You Want Your Sex Scene

Author Panel

Participating Authors: K.M. Fawcett, Caridad Pineiro, and Stacey Wilk

When you’re invited into the bedroom, authors want to make sure you’re having a good time too. Come chat with K.M. Fawcett, Caridad Pineiro, and Stacey Wilk about how we construct sex scenes—the importance of emotion, how to make those scenes interesting and fresh, and where is the line between fantasy and reality?




Dark & Deadly: Writing the Criminal Mind as The Love Interest

Author Spotlight

Participating Author: Mia Michelle

One of the most difficult aspects of writing a romance novel is creating believable characters that stay true to who they are.  This is especially true in romance novels that romanticize criminals: mafiosos, hitmen, murders, abusers, and the like.  While this area of dark romance is growing in popularity, it is often maligned as softening the criminal into a puppy rather than a predator by the end of the story.  At the same time, how do you create a “happy ending” with a monster?  Join Mia as she delves into the craft of creating the ideal bad boy who, while experiencing growth, does not change his stripes.  We will explore the personality characteristics of the “Dark Triad” in psychology to discuss realistic ways to characterize the ultimate of bad boys who is the hero rather than the villain of the story.





Seasoned Romance

Author Panel Morgan Malone, Judy Kentrus

Participating Author: Judy Kentrus, Morgan Malone

You’re not 25 any longer, maybe your book boyfriend shouldn't be either. The panel will include me Morgan Malone, and Judy Kentrus. Love, like wine, gets better with age. Our panel will include the special wrinkles (pun intended) of writing characters that are over 40, or 50, or 60! Their physical, emotional, financial, and adult children/aging parent issues. Also, the difficulties involved in pitching and selling later-in-life love stories





New Adult Romance

Author Panel

Participating Authors: Laurel Ostiguy and  Lori DiAnni

Writing for the 20 somethings might not be as easy as you think! Closing the door before the reader gets all the details is difficult, but these writers have perfected the sweet romances. Fostering relationships, mounting tensions, building young love, is just as exciting. Come here how creating a small town New England romance series, nestled in the heart of Maine can still make your heart beat wild, and how a college series at a university in New York will still leave you turning the pages asking for more!  And if that’s not sweet enough, they will have some candy for you, too!






Because Passion is Timeless-

Author Spotlight

Participating Author: Jenna Jaxon

Come grab a cup of tea and get to know the “real” Jenna Jaxon. Find out the very convoluted way I came to write historical romance (it all begins with a theatrical production of MacBeth) and all the questions that follow that: how do I write my action scenes? How I write my steamy love scenes? Where do I get the inspiration for my books (that’s a big topic, right there)? Who’s my favorite hero/heroine I’ve written? Who’s my favorite romance author? Who has influenced my writing the most? And if you have more questions, then the more the merrier!





Writing it Hot or Not

Author Panel

Participating Authors: Peggy Jaeger and Kari Lemor

Some books have pages that sizzle and almost burn your hand with the heat, while others are as sweet as sugar with blushes at all the right moments. Join Peggy Jaeger and Kari Lemor as they talk about how they go from writing steamy sex scenes in some books, then cool them down for barely a kiss and a little hand holding in another. Readers have their favorite heat levels, but Peggy and Kari write them both. How do they change it up so readers come back for more? Join us and see.





Falling for the Villain-

Author Panel

Participating Authors: JC Brown, Lena Lane, Marianne Morea, Ashlyn Chase

Whether you love a villain or love to hate them, there's something irresistible about a well written villain. This panel will delve into the making of a villain, what makes a lovable villain and what makes people empathize with villains and fall for them. Writing believable villains is a difficult art and villains sometimes fall flat. In order to have a well-rounded villain, they have to have clear, understandable motivations. The panel will take a look at how villains' motivations play into how people feel about them. The panel will also discuss the similarities and differences between morally gray characters and villains.







Author Panel

Participating Authors: Leah Hallow, Morgan Malone

The ABC's of LGBTQIA +. Dr. Daughter (a Clinical Psychologist with a background in gender and sexual identity issues). As an author, Morgan Malone will discuss the issues that arise when a cis heterosexual author addresses LGBTQIA+ issues or writes about LGBTQIA+ characters. Dr. Daughter is the real star, answering questions ranging from what all the letters mean, to the use of plural instead of the singular, and more detailed analysis of sexual and gender identity and how to appropriately incorporate these elements in our stories. Fan favorite, the Gender bread Person, will make an appearance also.



Not Your Grandma’s Bingo


Participating Authors: Lori DiAnni, Laurel Ostiguy

Everyone knows how to play Bingo, but we’re putting a different spin on this classic game that could make the bawdiest of grandma’s blush. In this version, participants will cross off sensual, sexy, and naughty words found in a variety of romances.  Come join us for some sizzling, steamy fun and earn prizes for each game. There’ll even be candy. A ‘grand’ prize will be drawn at the very end. You might want to bring a fan as it might get hot, hot, hot! 




Tropes: Love? Hate? Why We Use Them-

Author Panel-

Participating Authors: Gail Chianese, Cassie Colton, Jamie K. Schmidt, Megan Ryder/Sabrina Silvers

Come chat and find out why authors use tropes in their stories and share which ones you love and which ones you wish would go the way of the dodo bird.


While this will be the authors talking, we plan to draw the readers into the discussion. Friends to lovers. Secret Baby. Opposites Attract. Readers have their favorites and so do authors. We all love tropes and we all have our favorites but why? What is so special about them?


Visit with some of your favorite authors and talk about some common tropes, how authors use them in their books, share which ones you love and the ones you wish would go the way of the dodo bird.


Come prepared to dish on your favorites, play a choose your adventure mad libs game to explore tropes, and win prize from the authors!






Paranormal Nights: Tropes, Passion, & Peens

Author Panel

Participating Authors: Lena Lane, Lisa Carlisle, and Michele Ryan

Moderator: JC Brown

Description: A fun Q+A session with paranormal romance authors where we will discuss genre specific tropes, non-human characters, and their inhuman passion parts! Readers, bring your questions!



I Wish I Knew Then What I Know Now: What Would You Tell Your Younger Author Self?

Author Spotlight-

Participating Author: Marianne Morea


"Giving birth to a book is not unlike giving birth to a child.  It's just as painful, but a hell of a lot less messy."


When most people think of romance suspense authors, those of us of a certain age conjure images of Kathleen Turner as Joan Wilder in the movie Romancing the Stone.  A lonely woman sitting in a bathrobe and fuzzy slippers, conjuring lovers, and adventure in her imagination. In other words, one step away from being the neighborhood cat lady.


If that description made you cringe, then you know how we writer's feel. Thankfully, for most of us, that image is far from accurate. Making up stories, writing characters and dialogue from conversations with the characters we create… yeah… some call that part of the creative temperament, others call it crazy. It's probably a little bit of both. LOL! So why do it when the process can be so hard, and successes have such a short shelf life? Join me and I’ll give you a peek behind the curtain, and try to explain…




Sexy Freedom: The First Amendment, The Porn Industry, & Romance

Author Spotlight

Participating Author: Mia Michelle

In recent years, sex workers and the porn industry have found themselves under attack as obscenity rather than protected free speech.  In a time where, for perhaps the first time, sex workers have more autonomy over making a living through their trade, this is an especially important battle as they seek to move beyond the “I know it when I see it” obscenity threshold presented in 1964.  This presentation will showcase the importance of romance writers and readers having a voice in the fight to curtail the First Amendment and to define pornographic obscenity.






2023 Fall In Love New England Best Reader Pageant

Author Spotlight

Participating Author: Lisa Olech

What does it mean to be an exceptional reader? Come and compete with other readers on your level of “super fandom” for your favorite authors. What do you do to help those author’s hearts go pitter pat? Come learn about all the simple things you can do that will really make a difference in supporting your most beloved writers, above and beyond buying their books.





Choregraphing Action Scenes and Spicy Scenes

Author Spotlight

Participating Author: Marianne Morea, Lena Lane, and JC Brown

How to make sure the action is true to life, It’s 10 p.m. Do you know where your arms/legs/lips/nether bits are? Keeping spicy scenes real. How far is too far: violence and sex.


Writing is a dance. A sensual and often times physical expression of a pulse and stroke between characters and the creative process… never more so than when we choreograph action and spice. Authors get very creative in scope, all while keeping the delicate balance between where the story goes in our heads, to what comes through on the page for our readers. Interested in hearing how I do so? Join us and we’ll share some of our hands-on secrets.






Where Should We Put The Bakery

Author Panel

Participating authors: K.M. Fawcett, Caridad Pineiro, and Stacey Wilk

Working with other authors on a project can be a complex, but rewarding experience. Authors K.M. Fawcett, Caridad Pineiro, and Stacey Wilk share how they deal with working in shared worlds, collaborating on series, and other fun facts about melding minds with other authors to create new and intriguing worlds and stories. Readers will be challenged by the authors to work with partners to create a new small town and characters for their own story.





Saturday October 21, 2023


Win, Love, or Draw

Author Spotlight

Presenting Author: Marianne Rice, Jeannie Moon, and Emery Quinn

Join us for a fun and entertaining game of “Win, Love, or Draw”, the ultimate romance edition of the classic drawing and guessing game (no artistic skills required). Get ready for a hilarious morning of laughter and bonding with other authors and readers as we explore the world of romance through the stroke of a… sharpie.


Writing Rainbow: A discussion on LGBTQ inclusivity in stories

Author Panel

Participating Authors: Sarah Zane, Laurel Ostiguy, Lynn Burke, Michele Ryan, and Suanne Bierman Laqueur

This panel will discuss LGBTQ inclusivity in stories. The panelists will discuss what drew them to writing LGBTQ characters and stories. The panelists will share their experiences with writing LGTBQ characters and how those character's journeys are influenced by their queerness. The panel will also delve into allies writing queer characters and how to do so sensitively. There will also be discussion on the harmful nature of queer stereotypes in writing and why they should be avoided. The panel seeks to make this a discussion with readers and will take reader's questions as well.


Better Late Than Never

Author Panel

Presenting Author- Kari Lemor, Janet Raye Stevens, Peggy Jaeger

You’re never too old to start something new. Join Janet Raye Stevens, Peggy Jaeger, and Kari Lemor as they talk about starting their author career after the age of fifty. These three mature women will discuss what set them writing and working on their craft and how they finally got to the point of publishing their first story. Listen as they talk about the highs and lows of their writing journeys and the twisty roads that led them to be published authors.





Paranormal/Fantasy World Building

Author Panel

Participating Authors: Marianne Morea, JC Brown, Lisa Carlisle, Lena Lane, Michele Ryan

Discuss research and inspiration for world core, Setting up rules for the world, Use of world bibles.

Authors are often asked are you a Pantser or plotter? Do you write consecutive scenes or freewheel as it comes? Whether you are either/or, worldbuilding is the foundation of any paranormal/fantasy story. After all, the characters aren’t human, even if they look like us, sound like us, and “love” like us… they have their own rules in their own world… even if that world runs just under the radar to ours. The more complex the rules, the more complex the world. So, how to authors get the job done? How do we begin, and once there, how do we keep the rules and the nuances straight? Join us to find out.

Inside Out

Drama Scene

Participating Authors: Karen Coulters and Sylvie Kurtz

While a romance author prepares for an interview – Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust, and Sadness – conflict on how best to answer the questions. Join her for this humorous drama sketch as she struggles to write her answers for the blog.



Two Truths and a Lie: Do You Have the Knack for These Fun Facts


Participating Authors: D.V. Stone, Janet Raye Stevens, Jean M. Grant, Shirley Goldberg

Were kilts worn in 14th century Scotland? Did a sultry Hollywood actress really invent something that helped win World War II? Which notable president’s son worked on a salvage mission to unearth the only verified pirate ship off the coast of the United States (MA) in 1984? Does Yellowstone really have a supervolcano bubbling beneath it? Did one of the authors on the panel really date 25 guys (via online dating) for book research?  Find out the answers to these and MORE as you test your knowledge of fun to unusual facts by playing Two Truths and A Lie with D.V Stone, Janet Raye Stevens, Jean M. Grant, and Shirley Goldberg as they share info gleaned from their research into both historical and contemporary worlds. Join them for an interactive game session!



It’s Not All Mistletoe: Romancing the Other Holidays of the Year

Author Panel

Participating Authors: Kathryn Hills, Judy Kentrus, & Gracie Guy

Romance readers love Christmas. But that’s not the only holiday when people meet and fall in love. Our panel of authors will discuss writing for OTHER holidays – ones that are obvious (Hello, Valentine’s Day) and some that might surprise you. From the love and light of Hannukah stories to sexy treats at Halloween. Let's not forget the sparkle of New Year's Eve and the big bang of July 4th. 😊 Come on, let’s celebrate romance ALL YEAR LONG!

*** Attendees will be encouraged to chime in on what holidays they’d like to see more of in their romance reads. Plus, there’s a 100% chance there will be chocolate! *** 



Flower Pot Decoupage


Participating Authors: Andi Ramos, Jean Grant, Lori DiAnni, & J.M. Davies



Alpha A$$holes: Decoding the Secrets to Creating a Memorable Hero

Author Panel

Participating Authors: Robin Stone, Nadia Han, Michele Ryan, Cassie Colton, Valerie Lynne and Emery Quinn.

Six authors have put together a fun and entertaining panel to tell you about their sexy alphas and all the traits that we read about and love! We will explore the thin line of what makes them alpha in our book fantasies and what would have us packing our bags in real life! One lucky reader will get to take ALL of our book boyfriends’ home and get cozy as they delve into our worlds to research all of our heroes, while enjoying a bottle of wine and chocolates and author give aways.  Our authors will provide a slide presentation of their alphas and their books as we discuss each of our alpha categories. (Categories to be determined for example: Dominance, Romance, Controlling, Bossy)







The Commonwealth of Sex: Common Sense, Local Laws, Kink, & You

Author Spotlight

Presenting Author- Mia Michelle

Delve into the legalities of kink throughout the United States and afar, as well as the rule of “safe, sane, and consensual” practiced in organized BDSM.  Whether you are a writer looking to set your story in a specific state or country and need background research or a reader wanting to explore your fantasies and are curious about the rules where you live, Mia will walk you through the governmental red tape binding BDSM practices.



Does Art Imitate Life

Author Panel

Participating Authors: Judith Paolercio, E S McMillan, Suanne Laqueur, Sara R Stewart, & Cheri Allan

When a writer begins their story, the characters appear but they’re just names on a page. As the story progresses, the characters develop feelings, opinions and become human beings, living in the cities, towns, ranches, and villages that were created for them. Writers become connected to these people and have a vested interest in their wellbeing. And sometimes writers incorporate a piece of their life, bonding them to the characters they now know so well.

Why do stories feel so REAL? Join our panel of authors as we explore how it takes more than imagination to bring our characters and stories to life! We'll start with a game of Fact or Fiction to see if you can tell which of our scenes are drawn from our real lives, then we'll dive deep into how (and how much!) of our lives and experiences make it onto the page. How does using our lived experience bond us to our characters and help us create our fictional worlds? How do we balance privacy and vulnerability? When have we needed to write from experience--and is there anything we won't ever write about?

Come find out!



Love Scenes: What Makes a Great One?

Author Panel

Participating Authors: Peggy Jaeger, Robin Stone, Jennifer Wilck, Marianne Rice, Jean M. Grant.

From Sweet to spicy; no kiss – to kissed in all kinds of places!

These 5 authors will read a selection of their love scenes to show the differences across genres in how authors show us how their characters love one another – physically and/or emotionally. We cover from the sweet to the erotic, historical to contemporary – and everywhere in between.




Suspense 101: Who Done It

Author Panel

Participating Authors: Gail Chianese, K.M. Fawcett, Caridad Pineiro, and Stacey Wilk

These authors will offer their insights on how they mix suspense and mystery into their stories. The authors will explain how they plant clues and red herrings in their stories (as well as some of the ins and outs of romantic suspense) while readers will be presented with a slideshow of clues and deceptions so they can solve a mystery for a chance to win a gift basket from the authors.

Steam Scenes Live

Live Podcast

Presenting Author: Elle Greco

Steam Scenes is a podcast hosted by contemporary romance author Elle Greco, where she talks to other romance authors about writing the naughty bits. Funny, informative, and sometimes awkward, Elle and her guests take a deep dive into writing love and intimacy that give us all the feels. For this special Fall In Love New England podcast, Elle is joined by an author to be announced, to record an episode in front of a live audience, which will include interactions and questions from the audience. Get ready to set your ears on fire live at FILNE!


Fall in Love with New England

Author Panel

Participating Authors: Marianne Rice, Janet Raye Stevens, and Kari Lemor

Colorful leaves in the fall, soft snowflakes blanketing the hills in the winter, sweet flowers budding on the trees in the spring, and splashing in the lakes or ocean in the summer sun. New England has it all, which is why so many writers use it as a setting for their books. Join Marianne Rice, Janet Raye Stevens, and Kari Lemor as they talk about the magic of New England and how they use the area as a backdrop for their romance novels.







Turn Up the Heat: Writers Dish on the Sweet & Spicy Sides of Romance

Author Panel

Participating Authors: Lynn Burke, Jillian MacGregor, Sara R Stewart, Jennifer Wilck, FILNE goddess Suzanne Eglington, and moderator Mia Michele

These authors will dig into the sweet and spicy sides of romance writing.  In addition to learning more about the authors’ books, find out how they craft scenes from a single flame all the way to burning the house down. Bring your questions to add some flare to the recipe, and settle in for a panel discussion you won’t want to miss.





The Power That Be

Author Panel

Got magic? The how and why of our paranormal character’s supernatural powers!

Participating Authors:  Janet Raye Stevens, J.M. Davies, JC Brown & Lena Lane

Magic is all around us; in the air that we breathe, the water that gives us life, the sun that allows us to survive. It’s no wonder we gravitate to characters with powers. We dream of being able to fly, or open portals to other worlds, or shift into another species. We long to push the boundaries of the possible, seek to know the unknowable, be something more than we are.

Plus, we get to experience unique worlds with hot men and strong women, face the unknown, survive world-ending scenarios, and bed sexy beasts, all while in the comfort of our pajamas!

Join us as we explore our characters and the powers they hold. Learn why we write paranormal romance; how and why we chose the particular characters in our books, and how we decide on what powers to give them. Pepper us with questions and challenges for future books!


Nuts & Bolts: Characters, Stories, & How They Torture Writers

Author Panel

Participating Authors: Jeannie Moon, Megan Ryder/ Sabrina Silvers, Jamie K. Schmidt, Gail Chianese

Every writer approaches building a character differently, and likewise, every writer faces different challenges. Join four authors who all have different ways of getting their heroes and heroines to their happy ever after’s. Through anecdotes, examples, questions, and a fun activity, you'll get a look at what it takes to craft believable characters, layered details, and the most romantic Happily Ever After.

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